kids should priotize education – Kid Star Beyonce

Ekiti State Born kid star Brand Influencer and Model, Olayinka Beyonce Omotoyinbo, has advised kids to pay serious attention to their academics, as that is the ladder to a futuristic approach to success.
Beyonce gave the advice on her social media page, @iamcuteyinks, stating that, whatever kids do, priority should be given to their education, stressing that without education, there is a limit to where one can get to, and there is limited access to any height you can attain.
“I am a five-year-old child, but my parents tell me a lot about the society that we live in, so anytime I am to be endorsed by any brand, I use the opportunity to emphasize the need for children to be trained appropriately by their parents.
“Whatever vocation you want to undertake, education should come first. I am a model and a Brand Influencer at 5, but I know that as I grow, I need the Education to advance my course, else, society will see me with disdain and will not want to be associated with me.
“I love education and I love modelling, that is Olayinka for you,” she said.
Also speaking, Mother to Olayinka, Mrs Omotoyinbo said, although her daughter was getting famous in modelling, their dreams of giving her a better education cannot be misplaced.
“We are doing our best to make sure she is not overwhelmed by the affluence that comes with her celebrity status, so we are encouraging her to stay in focus” she stated. Nigerian Pilot