COVID-19: Reps endorse herbal cure for disease


Like the Madagascar remedy for the cure of the dreaded coronavirus disease, the House of Representatives yesterday joined the call on the federal government to as a matter of urgency  look inwards and develop local remedies. The lawmakers at Tuesday plenary debated a motion of urgent public importance on the ‘Need to support the use of alternative medicine for the treatment of COVID-19 cases in Nigeria,’ sponsored by Hon. Prestige Ossy, representing Aba North/South federal constituency, and thereafter passed a resolution urging the federal government to support the use of locally developed remedies for the management and treatment of COVID-19 ailments in Nigeria in order to ascertain their efficacies.

Senate receives Law Reform Commission, NDIC nominees’ lists The legislators admitted that the country was blessed with abundant medicinal plants which can be exploited, developed for the management of COVID-19 disease and therefore mandated its committee on Health to meet with the relevant government agencies to ensure that locally developed remedies for the treatment of COVID-19 are included in the clinical trials by the World Health Organisation, WHO, under its ‘Solidarity Initiative.’ Debating the motion, the lawmakers noted that notwithstanding the abundant medicinal plants in the country, some of these herbs have age-long documented scientific evidence of use for the management of respiratory infections with medicinal properties of anti-inflammatory and anti-viral effects.

They expressed concern that rather than the federal government to look inwards and encourage the local scientists and alternative herbal practitioners like Madagascar and other countries are doing, “we are rather waiting for the World Health Organization, WHO, for a cure and subjecting our people to be used as experimental guinea pigs for vaccines which are still in their developmental stages.” According to them, there is need to encourage and support some of the claims by the local scientists and alternative herbal practitioners, as some of their claims sound convincing enough to hazard a trial of the drugs developed by them.

However, leading debate in the general principles of his motion, the sponsor, Hon Prestige noted that the disease was spreading like wild fire worldwide and requires an urgent vaccine which the WHO has not been able to find, except its launching of an international trial known as ‘Solidarity Initiative.’ He explained that Israel, Madagascar and other nations are looking elsewhere for an immediate cure to the disease, with the success recently recorded by Madagascar by developing and producing a COVID-19 remedy drink from the local Artemisia Annua local herbs. Nigerian pilot