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Trendy Vibe

Trendy Vibe is a newspaper that is brewed specially to showcase the youths in the country. This newspaper is of the youths, by the youths and for the youths. As soon as you hit our home page, you will find directions to all other adventurous pages and features where you will find exciting, informative, entertaining, educative, motivating and exceptional conversations, opinions, news and lots more. As you ride along with us, you’ll find two amazing alphabets dancing around. They are TV representing ‘Trendy Vibe’.

Be trilled with TV’S personality page as we bring to light Nigerian youths in politics, commerce, business, Art and other sectors making news around the world. They will serve as reference point and role model to the youths who want to suit. You will also get to know your heroes, your role models and those who have contributed greatly to the development of our dear nation.

TV entertainment crew is ready to bring the life, the fun and the excitement in the entertainment world to your finger tips to help you catch up with the latest news, celeb gist and ear-itching stories around the world. TV is also ready to showcase upcoming youths who want to join the entertainment world. We promise to chase the dull moments away, stay online.

This page will showcase youths in politics (past and present) their contributions and the progress they have made in nation building. This will serve as an encouragement to youths who have lost all hope in politics. we will also dig up on those you had no idea were there and things you had no idea they were doing.

Education is the key to elevating a nation. This is why TV sensational reporters will go to every length to bring you news around our nation’s campuses and institutions of learning. The National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) scheme is not left out. TV is set to bring to the spot light young Nigerians serving the nation excellently well both home and in diaspora.

This is the fastest growing trend not only in our country but all over the world. Our ICT page will keep you up to date with the latest gadgets and technology around the world. You also get helpful advice that will save your gadget from fake technicians.

Technology keeps growing as inventions turn up daily. Lets explore the world of discoveries together. TV believes in Nigerian youths.

Sport is a major player in the development of youths not just in our country but also around the world. Join TV seasoned sport analysts as they bring to you latest sport news and detailed activity happening in the sporting world. Catch live your football fixtures and score/goal charts of matches played in schools (campuses) and all over the world.

TV will take you away from all the hustle of life into the inspiring world of fashion, captivating events that will boost your lifestyle, eating habits, turn up at events, etiquette of living a societal 21st century lifestyle, captivating and inspiring arts and culture in Nigeria and around the world and so much more.

The nation’s Economic growth is very important, so also is the contribution of the youths towards making the economy a favorable one. TV news will enlighten youths on job search and opportunities, micro and small scale business, wealth creation platforms and so on. TV news will showcase youths who are into business in an attempt to boost their efforts as well as motivate others to make efforts. The emphasis on Agriculture in Nigeria can not be over emphasis. TV will open you up to the encouraging turn up of youths in the Agricultural sector and those at the grassroot.

TV motivational page will draw out of the well of wealthy words from the rich work of arts of great authors from ancient times and those that are still around.

TV will consistently bring you a collection of pictures that reveals and tells you a whole lot more than words can say.

How much does the average Nigerian youth know about his/her rights? The constitution, media law, business law, copy rights and so much more. TV Youths and Law Page will bridge that gap.

TV gives room to everyone young and old for feedback. You can report a news, make contributions, react to publications  and ask questions for effective communication. You can also writ a letter to the editor.

The young mind however vibrant and productive it is still needs the old experienced guidance of the elders. TV gives room to elder states men and people whose wealth of wisdom will be highly profitable to the new Nigeria we look forward to.