Record Breakers
Record Breakers

RECORD BREAKERS SUMMIT is a TWO in ONE event which entails a book launch titled “RECORD BREAKERS” by Olumide Oladipupo. Also, a powerful seminar by prolific figures such as; John Momoh – OON,  Kunle Dorian,  Jimi Tewe, Elkanah O. Morwin, Jimi Disu, and many others..

The event is structured and designed with the ultimate aim of engineering progressive change in young people, in order to aggravate self -consciousness  to see beyond their present situations and begin to aim at being record breakers. The summit is open to all students, youths, business men and women, professionals in different fields.

The summit is set to be hosted on Thursday 25th August, 2016 by 10:00am (Red Carpet) at University of Lagos, Main Auditorium.