Attah of Igala wants Nigeria to eulogise her heroes


The Attah of Igala, His Royal Highness Micheal Ameh-Oboni says Nigeria must turn a new leave and begin to celebrate and propagate her heroes and legends.

Ahem-Oboni made the called while eulogising Prof. Gabriel Oyibo at a press conference in Abuja for his discovery in mathematics.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that Prof. Gabriel Oyibo, a Nigerian mathematician propounded the “God Almighty Grand Unified Theorem” (GAGUT) which has the ability to solve all human and mathematical problems.

The Attah said that the black race was seen as animals who just eat, dance, procreate and only concern about the moment.

According to Ameh-Oboni, even the name ‘Africa’ is derogatory as it was used to referred to the land of slaves or slave kingdom.

He said even though intelligent prehistoric Africans made significant contributions, no body listened to them.

Ameh-Oboni said that the height of it all was the sharing of Africa for colonization by European powers like a piece of cake on a table even though Africans resisted.

According to him, suddenly somebody, a son of the soil, a Nigerian of the Igala extract has proven to them that the black race is number one in the world.

The Atta said that when European or American scientists discovers any theory, the whole world stands still for them.

He said that now an African has discovered the ‘mother and father’ of all theories which is GAGUT and it is not being projected.

According to the Attah, somehow, the black race does not take pride in projecting itself and celebrating its heroes.

“If we fail to call our own, people will take our glory and label us as people who have not contributed to society.

“This is the time for us to talk; the blackman is not inferior in any aspect, it is just that we have not recorded history to tell the world.

“This is an opportunity, for us to speak for the glory of the Blackman,” he said.

The Attah reeled our names of notable Nigerians who had made tremendous discovery and notable contributions but are not being celebrated globally.

He said Dr. Jacob Abdulahi, Prof. Jeremiah Abalaka and Dr Benjamin Amedu, made landmark discoveries in the health sector but not much attention was paid to them.

The monarch said that the credit of GAGUT goes to the back race and the continent must take advantage of the discovery to develop.

He said Africans had made many mistakes in the past and that it was time for self re-examination and to turn a new leave.

Ameh-Oboni said that today the world celebrates the black race whose intelligence hitherto had been considered worthless to the globe.

The Attah said that he and the professor were schoolmates in primary through secondary school.

He said Oyibo demonstrated rear brilliance in mathematics which made his mates called him “Calculus” in 1965.

The monarch said that Oyibo had something special about him as he clearly sees solution in every problem or equation.

According to Attah, Oyibo got his inspiration from the spirits of our ancestors; they come to us at night with solution and to show us ways of the good things of life.

On his part, Dr Sunday Uhiene said Oyibo is the greatest mathematician in the world at the moment and that his discovery is now the future of the world.

According to Uhiene, the strength of America and the edge it has over the world right now lies in the discovery of the professor.

“The revelation from God is far beyond human understanding and far above the Isaac Newton, Albert Instain and other great scientist in history.

“His theory is a solution to all human problem either in health, agriculture, science, human anatomy, automobiles, aviation and to mankind.

“He is not being projected as he should but we have started today to propagate GAGUT which will be thought in schools at all level in Nigeria and all over Africa.

“We are in touch with government and we expect that they take advantage of the theory for the development of our economy,” he said.

Uhiene said that GAGUT puts Africa on top of the world saying that Africa has taken its place at last, congratulations to us all.

Via skype from Russia, Oyibo said that GAGUT, which also known as the “Theory of Everything” has been recognised by Russian President, Vladimir Putin as a theory that improves the lifespan of man and his relationship with the society.

He said there are facts put together in the theory that will that produce a common goal, and help to instigate a scientific revolution.

“GAGUT will allow all GAGUTIAN countries to summarise the results of many research studies and integrate numerous principles of learning; it will provide starting points for conducting new research and also offer a way for describing why things happen.

“In a simple language, GAGUT states that God or everything including the Unified Force Field or any fundamental force or particle interactions, is conserved within a transformation process over space and time, which cannot be disputed by any logical process.

“It can be applied to every area of mankind; it is therefore the provable truth or theorem of everything which has no possibility of errors logically or geometrically.

“Any experiment which fails to verify the GAGUT equation is deemed to have been done incorrectly since GAGUT is a Theorem,” he said. (NAN)